Miscellaneous Page

(the stuff we had no other place for)

Looking for some great acting talent?

Check out Jen's Online Portfolio!

So you're a mad scientist type and you'd like to create your own lightning?

Check out Jeff Morlock's Tesla Coil Page!

Don't have enough medieval weaponry or artwork?

Check out Gage Designs!

Too spooky to even describe......

Check out Kerry and Tony's Spooky
Halloween Party Pix!

Wanna hear an up-and-coming
band featuring Jen's boyfriend, Chad,
on drums?

Check out Human Barbeque!

Walk down memory lane with
Tony's high school band.

Check out FUBAR on MP3.com!

Wanna see pix from Pete and
Eileen's wedding day?

See Pete & Eileen's Wedding Pix!

Wanna see our own version of
a Rorschach Test?

Check out Jake's little
brother/sister's Ultrasound Pix!

Check out Tony's Labor of Love...

See The Basement Project Pix!

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